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When we decided to build the fastest XC Race bike available, the new Revolver FS 100, we immediately knew that we had to make a 120mm version for long, fast rides and multi-day events, so we developed both bikes side-by-side.

Sure, there's lot of 120mm travel bikes out there, but for the time you put into training, visualizing and prepping for those epic rides and races, a trail bike isn't enough. You want the stiffness, precision and pedaling efficiency of a modern XC Race machine, but in a no-compromise, all-day ripper designed to handle fast trails and big adventure.

The Revolver FS 120 benefits from the same stiff, lightweight chassis as our XC race bike, but is specially-designed with a longer stroke rear shock and 120mm XC fork – creating a geometry specifically designed for uncompromised control and efficiency during those larger than life rides where you don't have the time to pick the smoothest line – because there's a finish line to cross – whether real or imagined.

To create the new Revolver FS 120, we re-examined everything we know about XC and marathon performance and geometry, and employed our Ride Aligned™ design process to scrutinize every aspect of the bike.

The result is a revolutionary new XC Race geometry that optimizes the position of a rider's centre of gravity within the wheelbase to provides amazing traction and control on climbs. The slightly lower, forward position adds agility in technical sections and confident, aggressive descending.

Additionally, this shift to a low, forward centre of gravity within the wheelbase, means riders don't have to move around as much to accommodate for terrain changes aboard the Revolver FS 120, which allows the suspension to do its job better over all types of terrain, and gives you more energy for that sprint to the finish line – or the cooler.

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