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Bike Swap


Totally Spoke’d “BIKE SWAP”

Sell your old bike or find one that’s ‘new to you’ the first Saturday in April 9am – 5pm.

Click 'here' for a registration form for your bike.

What you need to know about the Totally Spoke’d Bike Swap:


Keep in mind that we represent the potential buyers of your bicycle and act on their behalf. To that end we have some guidelines that will ensure a positive experience for both sellers & buyers.


Bring your bike in starting one week before the event (until 5pm on the Friday before) to register & have our staff look over the bike with you.

Your bike must be in rideable condition, have at least 1 functioning brake & have a legible serial number to be put in the sale.

We reserve the right to refuse any bicycle without explanation.

Have a price in mind that you want to sell your bike for.  We can help but in the end its up to you how much (or how little) you can accept for the bike.

Decide beforehand if you want 80% of the bike’s selling price in cash or 100% in store credit.

Once your bike is dropped off it is in our possession until the end of sale day.


Your bike will be displayed at the price that you have set & you do not have to be here. 

There will be no negotiating or haggling.

You may NOT come and try to sell your bike yourself. You may however hang a sign on your bike listing component upgrades, features, etc. but it can not contain ‘contact info’ in the description or ‘OBO’ following the price.


Cash/Store Credits will be ready for pickup on Sunday.

Any unsold bicycles still left after the event must be picked up the following day. After that they will be subject to a storage fee of $10/day for up to one week after which time the bike will be donated or disposed of as we see fit.


The following is information for those that wish to purchase a bicycle at the Totally Spoke’d Bike Swap.  Keep in mind that these bicycles are not being sold by Totally Spoke’d so the sales are CASH ONLY.  The bikes remain the property of the individuals selling them & are sold in ‘as is’ condition. Come early for best selection – these bikes go fast..!


We will only be taking in bikes that are in rideable condition & that have a legible serial number.

We are not inspecting, servicing, cleaning, or appraising these bicycles prior to the sale.

The price of the bicycle has been set by its owner & are not negotiable.

Bicycles are not available to view or for browsing prior to the sale.


Bicycles will be on display organized by type (road, mountain, hybrid, comfort, kids).

Bicycle prices have been set by the seller. There will be no negotiating or haggling.

There is no test riding.

Payments are CASH ONLY.

All sales are FINAL.


If you wish to have the bicycle that you’ve purchased serviced, upgraded or accessorized, we will be happy to go over our service packages, parts & accessories with you.

Enjoy your new bike!

Bike Swap FAQ


What will I find at the Bike Swap? The contents of the Bike Swap depend entirely on what is brought in by our customers. We do not know in advanced what bikes we will have, although we expect there will be a good variety of styles and price. The best selection will be available Saturday morning but good deals will be had all day.  Please do not call ahead for product information.
How do I find out if my bike sold? To find out if your bike has been sold, please call (or come into the shop) on the day after the Bike Swap & we will confirm whether you can pick up your payment or unsold bike. 
What happens if my bike gets sold?  If your bike is sold, you will be credited as per the Bike Swap information sheet provided at registration. 100% of the total is available as store credit, and this will not expire. If you wish to collect the proceeds from your sale, 80% of the total will be provided in cash at the store.  This decision must be made BEFORE the bike is entered into the sale & can not be changed after the sale.
What happens if my bike doesn't sell? If your bike is not sold, it is your responsibility to pick up the item before closing on the next day.  Any bikes not picked up are subject to storage fees at a rate of $10/day.  Totally Spoke’d is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.
How much is my bike worth? The price of the bike is entirely at the seller's discretion. Our staff can give a rough idea of what the bike might sell for at registration based on its condition and what similar bikes are priced at. If you wish to increase the chances of selling your bike, use the lowest price that you will be happy with.