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This is a pump designed to deliver an outstanding volume per stroke to Fat and Semi Fat tires despite its tiny size.

You'll find it's got an oversized Press-on Schrader/Presta head that's designed to avoid accidentally removing valve cores and can be easily removed whilst wearing gloves. It's also got a flexible hose attachment that'll take aggressive pumping without damage to any valve stems.

The barrel is constructed out of aluminium for high durability and a coarse layer for extra grip, it's even got a water bottle boss mount with elastomer band included.

Overall, you'll have a tiny yet massively powerful pump for Fat/Semi-Fat tires that'll deliver 90cc volume per stroke and a max pressure of 50 PSI. The days of flimsy, rubbish tire pumps are over; this portable pump makes no sacrifices.



  • Oversized press-on Schrader and Presta head won't accidentally remove valve cores and can be easily used with thick gloves.
  • Flexible hose attachment allows for aggressive pumping without fear of damaging valve stems.
  • Inverted barrel design allows for high volume in a compact size.
  • Coarse machined aluminum barrel for extra grip.
  • Water bottle boss mount with elastomer band included.
  • Max pressure: 50 PSI (3.5bar)
  • Volume per stroke: 90cc
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