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Cycling Tips

Sharing The Road

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Safe Lane Changes & Turns

1. Plan ahead 

  • If you are familiar with the traffic patterns, be sure to get in the correct position early   
  • Keep in mind the relative speed between you and other traffic; plan accordingly   
  • Be aware of road conditions that would impede your progress across lanes 

    2. Scan   
  • Look for traffic, pedestrians and hazards in front of you and behind   
  • Identify lane markings and traffic control devices affecting the next intersection   
  • Note bus stops, driveways, crosswalks and other special traffic zones 

    3. Signal   
  • Signal your intention to turn or change lanes if your speed is near other traffic   
  • Signaling may not be necessary if overtaking traffic speeds won't allow time to see it   
  • Signal only if you think that oncoming traffic can react safely 

    4. Act   
  • Relative speed may require you to move quickly and decisively when it's safe to do so   
  • In high-speed overtaking-traffic situations, cross all lanes at once when safe   
  • Move after signaling in low- and same-speed traffic situations 

    5. Improvise   
  • If you get caught between lanes while crossing traffic, ride the white line until clear   
  • Your safety is paramount while changing lanes; if traffic is too heavy, use crosswalks   
  • Ride to the red light then move to the left turn lane if volume and speed do not allow crossing

    Tip courtesy of the League of American Bicyclists (
  • Sharing The Road

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