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Cycling Tips

Fit & Comfort

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Short "Shorts" That Are Long On Comfort

An important comfort point, that's often missed, is that cycling shorts are worn without underwear. This sounds weird until you realize that the whole point of special biking shorts with padding inside is to provide a seam-free riding garment.

Eighty-Six The BVDs
When you put bike shorts on over underwear, you end up sitting on the seams in the undies, which compromise the short's ability to prevent pain. Seams affect circulation and form bumps that can chafe and hurt. So, leave the BVDs at home and you'll get all the benefits cycling shorts offer.

Cycling shorts make every ride more comfortable and fun!

Still Sore? Try Lube
Simply wearing cycling shorts usually eases saddle sores. But some cyclists like to also use lubricants on the pad inside the shorts (called a chamois; say "shammy"); to reduce friction and enhance comfort. This is something to experiment with if you're uncomfortable. Long-distance riders find it particularly helpful.

Double Your Shorts To Double Your Comfort
One great trick for preventing and dealing with saddle soreness is wearing two pairs of cycling shorts (don't laugh; even professional bikers use this trick at times). Not only does adding a second pair of shorts double your padding, it also reduces the friction on the chamois (pad) as well. How? The outside pair of shorts moves with the saddle while the inner pair moves with you.

Speed Washing
Another handy shorts trick used by traveling cyclists, racers and handy for anyone who doesn't have an unlimited supply of cycling shorts, is speed washing and drying. Ideally, you'll always ride in clean gear because when your riding shorts are dirty, it increases the chances of developing saddle sores.

Unless there's a laundry mat nearby, though, it can be difficult to wash your pedaling pants when you're traveling. If you're lucky, it might be a hot day and scrubbing them in the motel sink and hanging them to dry might work fine. But, let's say, it's not warm. Or, that maybe you forget to wash them until the next morning. How do you manage to get them ready in a hurry?

It's easy: Wash them thoroughly in the sink. Then roll them up in a towel and wring (get a friend to hang on to the other end of the towel) to quickly dry the shorts. If you do this several times using different towels, you'll be able to almost completely dry the shorts in minutes and they'll be clean and ready for more miles.

Fit & Comfort

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